Ditch the Keyboard for the Scoreboard with the American Heart Association’s Field Day

Looking back to your childhood, was there anything more exciting than field day at school? Remember the thrill of being crowned the winning team of tug of war or beating your opponent in the water balloon toss? The American Heart Association is excited to give adults that opportunity to let loose, play and bring back those fun memories through the Heart Challenge’s Field Day.

Field Day provides companies a flexible and fun option to engage employees and encourage them to prioritize their physical and mental health. These days, we are sitting more, moving less, and experiencing a higher level of stress. Field day gets employees up and moving throughout the day and gives them an opportunity to engage with their coworkers and build more meaningful relationships. All of this contributes to happier and more energetic employees – and what’s not to like about that?

Whether in the company office or home offices, employees participate in fun physical and mental challenges providing the opportunity for meaningful social connections and play breaks during the workday to help combat burnout and alleviate stress. Field Day will become a highly anticipated tradition through this fun, convenient event that engages teams of employees to compete for the ultimate bragging rights – winning the 1st place trophy by saving lives.

Ready to compete for the ultimate bragging rights while saving lives? Contact Chelsea Trimble, Vice President of Heart Challenge at [email protected] for additional information.

Ready, set, go!

Click Here to learn more about Field Day.

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