Reimagine Workplace Well-Being at the 2021 Colorado Digital Workplace Health Symposium

Join us on Feb. 11 for the 2021 Colorado Digital Workplace Health Symposium. As worksites drastically shift their environments to remote settings, this event will bring together Colorado’s workplace health leaders in a digital setting to reimagine how we execute well-being through a PERMAH lens (i.e., positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement, and health). As we reimagine well-being in today’s world, attendees will have the opportunity to learn best practices, participate in a skill-building session, hear from expert Colorado companies, and network with other leading wellness companies.

Attendees of the 2021 Colorado Digital Workplace Health Symposium can look forward to:

  1. Best practices and innovative approaches to support the health and well-being of the Colorado workforce community.
  2. Increased skills to implement effective health promotion initiatives in the Colorado workforce.
  3. Participating in purposeful networking for greater collaboration, shared learnings, and inspirations from the field.

To learn more about the event and register, visit

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