AXIS Health System Implements Self-Measured Blood Pressure Program in Southwest Colorado

Axis Health System provides primary care, crisis care, dental services, substance use treatment, mental health services, and care coordination for residents in Southwest Colorado. Their four integrated health care centers serve a wide range of patients, with a focus on removing barriers to health care and mental health services for all.

Axis Health System serves a patient population from lower-income communities, who experience higher than average rates of high blood pressure. In 2021, Axis Health Systems reported that hypertension control rates were at 57.5% amongst their total patient population of 6,796. The System is committed to improving care for their patients, and decreasing rates of hypertension amongst their community members.

Recently, Axis Health System became one of two Colorado systems participating in the National Hypertension Control Initiative (NHCI), a national effort led by the American Heart Association, which is supported by HRSA and the Office of Minority Health. Through this initiative, Axis Health System hopes to improve the quality of care for their hypertensive patients.

Recently, the Axis Health System clinical staff implemented a team-based, technology driven Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure (SMBP) program which will help patients with blood pressure control rates. The clinical Axis Health System began offering patients who were diagnosed with hypertension with cellular enabled blood pressure monitors that they’re able to use in the comfort of their homes. The cellular enabled monitors allow for more frequent and consistent blood pressure readings to be entered into the patients’ health record, therefore providing an increased level of data accuracy and opportunity for more targeted clinical interventions.

In addition, clinical staff dedicates time to discuss lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise during office visits and aims to distribute four hundred blood pressure monitors to patients over the course of this program. The SMBP program will enable Axis Health System physicians and clinical staff to improve diagnosis of hypertension, implement care processes and workflows to manage blood pressure patients better, and help patients take an active role in their health journey.

Together, with organizations like Axis Health System the American Heart Association is working to create a healthier Colorado for all.

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