Denver Vestido Rojo Aims to Inspire Women to Take Charge of Their Health

On June 22, the American Heart Association hosted the much-anticipated Denver Vestido Rojo event, a vibrant and empowering event dedicated to the health and well-being of Hispanic women. The morning was filled with educational workshops, expert panels, and engaging activities, all aimed at combating heart disease.

Despite the gravity of this health issue, knowledge remains low, with only 1 in 3 Hispanic women aware of the risks. Vestido Rojo, part of the Go Red Por Tu Corazon initiative, is changing that narrative by providing crucial education and tools to help women and their families make healthier lifestyle choices.

The day kicked off with a heart-healthy breakfast, which set the stage for a series of bilingual health workshops, including an educational panel where participants learned about the latest heart disease research and prevention strategies, a comprehensive workshop on financial wellness highlighting its role in reducing stress and promoting heart health, and a lively dance session that celebrated the vibrancy and resilience of Hispanic women.

Vestido Rojo’s mission extends beyond a single day. It’s a call to action for continued education, awareness, and advocacy to ensure that the heart health of Hispanic women is not just a conversation but a priority. As the attendees left, they carried with them the knowledge and empowerment to be ambassadors of health in their communities, making the Denver Vestido Rojo a resounding success.

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