Maureen McDonald to Receive the Visionary Award at the Colorado Go Red for Women Celebration

As we embark on a new century, we honor the pioneers who embody our mission. It’s with immense pride that we announce Maureen McDonald as the first-ever recipient of the Colorado Visionary Award at the Colorado Go Red for Women Celebration, chaired by Meme Callnin. This award shines a light on those extraordinary individuals who spark transformation and bolster community health through relentless advocacy and education.

The Visionary Award stands as a tribute to the remarkable influence of one person’s dedication to elevating our community. The recipient of this award has strengthened our bonds, motivating us with unwavering determination to make a significant difference in women’s health.

United in spirit and rejuvenated in purpose, we are committed to charting a course toward wellness for all women. Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death for women, surpassing all cancer types combined. The Go Red for Women initiative is steadfast in its mission to educate and empower women to take proactive measures against the menace of CVD, and to assist every woman in overcoming obstacles to optimal health and well-being.

As the American Heart Association steps into its second century, we are confident that the future of health is secure. The collective strength, passion, and resolve of women ensure that there’s no limit to what we can accomplish together.

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