Colorado Gives Day is Dec. 5 – Schedule Your Donation Now

In Colorado, we’re taking a holistic approach to tackling issues that are preventing our communities from living a heart healthy life.

Colorado Gives Day is right around the corner on Dec. 5. With your support, we’re able to work on programs that help improve blood pressure, increase access to healthy food, reduce tobacco use, provide communities with CPR trainings, and invest in over $6 million in lifesaving research in Colorado.

This year, Colorado Gives Day is offering a match incentive for nonprofits. Starting on Monday, Nov. 20, any donor that sets up a new recurring monthly donation to the American Heart Association, will have their gift matched up to $100.

Monthly gifts provide us with a sustainable source of funds to support the heart health of Colorado communities.  This limited time offer starts Monday, Nov. 20. Lock in your monthly donation before the $250,000 match runs out.

Every dollar has an impact. Because of your generous support, we have been able to achieve amazing things right here in Colorado and make a difference on the lives of our neighbors. But our work is far from done.

Make a lifesaving gift today by visiting

Colorado Gives Day is the day that keeps on giving. It’s easily the best day to give.

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