Community Spotlight: Stocking Healthy Pantries at ViVe Wellness Center

The American Heart Association believes in the right to healthy food for all people to live their best lives. We know that the results of eating unhealthily can be devastating with an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Because of this, we are working to build a future of healthy eating in communities around Colorado. Through our work with community organizations, we are able provide people with increased access to nutritious food and healthy eating resources.

Thanks to the generous support from our local sponsor, Kaiser Permanente, we were able to provide ViVe Wellness Center with a large commercial grade refrigerator. ViVe Wellness Center is a community-based organization that promotes health equity in Northeast Denver.

The refrigerator will increase ViVe Wellness Center’s capacity to store and distribute fresh, healthy food to the communities they serve, mainly the Hispanic/Latinx immigrant community and recently arriving migrants from Central America.

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