Thank You for Your Generosity on Colorado Gives Day

Each year, Coloradans come together to make extraordinary things happen on Colorado Gives Day and we are so grateful for everyone that generously donated to the American Heart Association.

Locally, we’re taking a holistic approach to tackling issues that are preventing our communities from living a heart healthy life. When you support the American Heart Association, you’re helping us to fund research that leads to medical breakthroughs; provide education that leads to individual prevention; and advocate for change in systems and policies.  

Your donations will help us achieve our mission of being a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives. Whether it’s supporting innovative research projects, providing CPR training to schools and communities, advocating for policies that improve access to healthy food and health care, or empowering people to take charge of their heart health, your gift will help us make a difference on the heart health of Colorado communities.

Every one of our individual actions matters. Each of you, our volunteers, every dollar raised: it all adds up. You are part of a community of volunteers and supporters who share our passion for fighting heart disease and stroke. Together, we are creating a culture of health and well-being for everyone.

Thank you again for your generosity and commitment to the American Heart Association. You are all heart heroes!

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