Awareness About Career Opportunities for Young Women “STEM”s Through American Heart Association’s Bring STEM to Life Initiative

Cardiovascular disease continues to be the number one killer of women. And because of this, the American Heart Association knows that by empowering and supporting more young women as they explore and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), they can help make a critical impact on the health of our community.

From the doctors that are treating patients every day, to the engineers that are ensuring we have access to internet and can work from the comfort of our homes and so much more – our daily lives are built on a STEM foundation. Unfortunately, we know that a troubling gender gap exists in STEM, from the lack of women pursuing STEM-related degrees to the number of women in STEM careers.

To tackle this challenge, the AHA in Colorado works annually to bring over 100 female high school students together for a year-long journey. Bring STEM to Life aims build confidence amongst these students and spark imagination about career options in STEM fields, while building rapport with female leaders in STEM fields.

In previous years, the Bring STEM to Life initiative was kicked off with an in-person day of learning and networking. Due to the current pandemic, the program has shifted to a digital format where the teens are able to put their technology skills to the test and meet digitally via Zoom.

Each month during a digital meeting, students are given the opportunity to meet with female leaders from across the nation that are in STEM careers. They hear inspiring stories about how these women found their passion for their career in STEM. In addition, the AHA collaborates with STEM companies around the state to provide the students with mentorship and breakout sessions that help them get real world, hands on experience.

Interested in serving as a mentor, leading a breakout session, or know a teen that would be like to come on this journey with us? Contact Kristen Small, Corporate Development Director, Social Events at [email protected].

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