Make a Lifesaving Gift to the American Heart Association on Colorado Gives Day

The countdown to Colorado Gives Day on Dec. 6 begins today! Locally in Colorado, the American Heart Association is committed to saving and protecting the hearts you love and we need your help to make it happen on Colorado Gives Day on Dec. 6.

This Colorado Gives Day, purpose and passion ignite as hearts come together to save lives and drive equitable health for every member of our community.

With your support, we’re working relentlessly to ensure that everyone in Colorado can live a heart healthy life. This relentless work, rooted in proved science, centers around every individual, addressing critical issues and driving work to equitably improve and save lives.

We’re striving toward health equity for a simple reason: Lives are at stake. People suffer when they lack access to quality care, nutritious foods and other basic health needs. While your ZIP code should not determine how long you live, sadly, it does. Life expectancy can differ by as much as 20 years for people living just five miles apart.

Locally, we’re working to combat these issues through research programs, increased access to heart healthy fresh food, CPR training, hypertension awareness and education programs, and more.

Every one of our individual actions matters. Each of you, our volunteers, every dollar raised: it all adds up to make a significant impact on the heart health of the Colorado community.

You don’t have to wait to make good things happen! While Colorado Gives Day is officially Tuesday, Dec. 6, you don’t need to wait to make good things happen. To make a lifesaving donation to the American Heart Association today, visit

Our neighbors in Colorado are counting on us like never before!

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